We are a small outfit that plays around with big things that have letters.

We write them, speak them, remember them, design them and host them.

We capitalize, italicize, stylize, utilize, right-size, posterize, and open eyes.

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Enjoy Life. Communicate.

-John W Samples
Colossians 3:23

Selected Works with Words:

Like JSamples, but with more drama

Church Dramas     Monologues     Readers' Theatre

High School Reunion
W. Lafayette William Henry Harrison H.S. Class of 1973

Raider Rambles     The Online Prophet     The Last Reunion

Standard Publishing
Faces and Phases of Faith

Faith at Work    A Restoration Movement in Israel     My Hero

Art by Bobbi K Samples
Pictures worthy of words

Scenes     Still LIfes     Collected Works

Angel Flying

2Close2TheGround Publishing
From the School of Hard Knocks

A Brother's Trilogy     Motorcycle Adventures     REMC CEO

Photos & Designs
Words worthy of pictures

Collections     Sets     Many Me Vanities

Christian HolyLand Foundation
Walking with Believers in the Land where Jesus Walked

The Galilee Team     Israeli Clock and Converters     FAQs

Remembering Them
People that are known and Gone

Dain's Day     Kayla's Day     Classmates

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